pjones-tetimonialWhy I’m sold on NitroFill – Paul (Company General Manager)

I happened upon a webpage link a few years ago about the benefits of Nitrogen tyre inflation. As with most I was a little sceptical. But then I found that NitroFill was available in New Zealand and I thought I would give it a go. A few years later and Im still heading around to my local agent to get my monthly pressures checks.

I travel on average about 55,000 to 60,000 km a year. I have had the same vehicle (large SUV) since January 2007. To establish the proof I have used the same tyres (Hankook Ventus 295 x 45 /20) for the last 3 purchases.

Just after getting the first set of Hankook’s on I purchased the Nitrofill tyre inflation and roadside assistance package. I got 67,000km out of that set which even impressed my Beaurepairs dealer.

Second set purchased, but this time I thought I would see if it was the tyre or what went inside it that gave that mileage. Unfortunately at 53,000 km I was back at Beaurepairs, credit card in hand making another purchase.

Third set on and off to the Nitrofill agent for a fill. Again same tyres. This set just under 64,000km. Not as good as the first set but that extra mileage I can only put down to the inclusion of Nitrogen in my tyres.

So here I am today with the 4th set of Hankooks coming to the end of their life. An extra 65,000 km on the clock and maybe I will get another 1000km before I finally go and see my local Beaurepairs dealer.

NitroFill has worked for me. Plus I have the roadside assist (which I have never had to use) and tyre protection insurance all included. Im sold!

Paul Jones, General Manager, First Sovereign Trust Limited

“I love the NitroFill breakdown service. I had to be towed recently and was so impressed; friendly, helpful guys on the phone, only a 40 min wait for the tow truck and then a really nice chap who took me and my car home. It didn’t cost me a penny either unlike my house/car insurance who were going to charge an arm and a leg for the same job. Highly recommended!”

Lucy Barry

“Great value for money. Super prompt efficient road service for flat tyre (friendly man also!). Had to replace tyre – no problem. NitroFill subsidised with quick reimbursement. have told all my friends and family.”

Donna White

“I’ve found NitroFill as a company very quick at claims and a easy no fuss process. This is a first for my car having NitroFill and my tyres love it! I’m glad my mechanic put me on to it.”


“I would like to say how pleased I was to have used NitroFill. I believe they are giving me improved tyre wear and fuel economy. I ended up with a screw damaging one of my rear tyres (hole large enough for a pencil) and my claim was approved within only a few days.”


“My move to NitroFill was one of the best I have made with respect to my car. Not having to continually check air pressures is a blessing and of course having puncture and tyre damage insurance is an added bonus. I am also very happy with the service provided in all respects.:

Victor Pirihi

“Since changing to NitroFill, filling the tyres of my wife’s and my cars, we have noticed improvement in the performance on both vehicles. I also had to replace a tyre on my car and was advised to apply for a subsidy from NitroFill. To my delight NitroFill approved my application and forward a subsidy. Thank you NitroFill.”

John Whitehead

“I have had untroubled motoring with my 20″ tyres filled with NitroFill for the last 12 months. A recent screw that damaged the tyre making it irreparable, NitroFill contributed $150+ GST towards a replacement tyre. Thanks NitroFill.”

Mark Travers